[46] COVID Through Kids’ Eyes

There’s no doubt that for many millions of people around the world, COVID-19 has significantly impacted family life.

Of course, a lot of parents have lost jobs. Others have retained them. Some kids and their families have – despite all good intentions and lots of persistence – struggled with homeschooling (why, hello us) while others have found the transition to be, well, easy.

For some families, the extra time at home has been liberating. Special. For others, it’s been one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced to date. 

But who is that you see talking about the impacts of COVID? In the media, in the news, in the papers? Is it kids? 


So… here’s my attempt at shedding light on COVID through kids’ eyes, in the best way I know how: by interviewing our girls!


Hello! Yes, we’re recording now. Okay. Let’s start with your names and how old you are.

Coco: I’m Coco and I’m five. 

Clara: I’m Clara. I’m six!

Cece: Four!

Awesome. So, what do you know about Coronavirus?

Coco: You have to wear a mask.

Clara: That we have to wear masks every day to school. Sometimes, we have to be online. And it makes people very sick. If you get sick, you have to stay at home for as long as you need to before your Coronavirus goes away.

Cece: I don’t know anything about Coronavirus. But if you catch it, you’ll be *this sick* [reaches out arms]. And at the doctor, they’ll check your tummy. And maybe they’ll give you a shot. 

How sick is ‘sick’ though?

Coco: Like, ten bits sick. 

I see. And how do you catch it?

Coco: Maybe from the playgrounds because they’re closed. 

Clara: From someone else who has it. [Thinking] I don’t know how the first person got Coronavirus though!

Ah, yes! Well, we’ll have to talk about that.

Clara: Yeah. I think maybe they got a bit sick because they went out in the cold, and then they got a fever, and then they got worse, and then they called it COVID-19?

And how do you think the virus has changed our lives?

Clara: Well, before we didn’t have to wear masks. We also didn’t get sick [like this]. And… oh yeah: it’s changed school too. We can’t go inside! We have to be outdoors. You also get to stay home with us and… oh yeah, we can’t go to restaurants either. 

Coco: Yeah! You have to wear a mask now, but it was normal a long time ago. It’s going to go away, but maybe in 10 years. 

10 years! Goodness. How about school? When school was online, did you like that?

Coco: I liked it. It was very fun, and I got to do blocks, yubix [rubix] cubes, popsicle sticks… and I loved seeing my teacher’s kitty. Actually she has two kitties! But they don’t like each other. 

Clara: No. I like it in person. I love to play with my friends who I missed so much. 

What’s good about real-life school now?

Coco: Well, I get to see my friends. I love them. There’s a playground too, and I get to have all-girl time. But I loved online school too. It was fun. And I liked the kitties.

Which friends have you missed the most during Coronavirus, do you think?

Cece: Oh. Wyan! [Ryan – Cece’s friend]. And Charlotte, my teacher.

So, do you feel alone during Coronavirus? Or do you feel close to your family and friends?

Clara: No! I have lots of friends around me. I love my friends. 

Cece: I feel alone. I don’t have many people to play with but I have Mummy and Daddy and Maria [nanny].

And do you feel like you have enough Mummy and Daddy time?

Clara: I like it better when you’re home, yeah. I feel like I get enough time. I get you for two days and then I get to see my friends and Maria [nanny] the other days. 

Cece: I like the amount of time! Actually, I want more. More time to play with you – to play the Memory game! I want you to stay here now. So I can ask you questions.

Coco: Some more time would be nice. I want you to go back to the office though. Actually, I want you to stay. So I can see you on my breaks. Yeah, that’s good. 

What do you like most about how our lives have changed during Coronavirus?

Clara: I feel like even though the Coronavirus is here, I love that I get to see my friends.

Coco: Yeah! When we see my friends, it’s exciting!

And what do you like least about Coronavirus?

Coco: I really don’t like my mask. Nope. And I have to be six feet away from my friends now, but that’s okay I guess.

Clara: That if we get it, we have to stay in bed all day! Also masks. I do not like wearing these masks.

And how do  you feel about wearing a mask, Cece?

Cece: I don’t like it


Cece: Because it’s stinky.

What do you miss most about our old lives?

Clara: Well, I miss the parks. 

And do you ever get worried about the virus?

Clara: Well, sort of. I don’t think about it much though, because my friends don’t have it. It doesn’t really worry me. I’m happy at the moment. I think everything is good in my life. Yes… life during Coronavirus is still a bit fun.

What are you most looking forward to over the next few months?

Clara: I can’t wait to go on our family trip! [to Montana]. There’ll be bunk beds, a hot tub, [excited noise], and a ski run! I’m also looking forward to the virus ending so we can do more fun things too. 

Coco: Yeah! Skiing! I think I’ll be better than you, Mummy. 

Well, thank you so much for being in my interview! Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Clara: No. Can I listen to my interview?

Cece: Yes… I miss my teachers. 

Coco: Yes, and it’s that I love Mummy and Daddy.

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