You found me.

Which, I might say, is an incredible feat—especially given how difficult it can feel to find myself these days!

I’m Clare. Australian, expat, busy mother of three, and doer of many things.

Born and raised in Australia (mostly), I moved to London for six years before returning to Melbourne for love. My partner Cam and I met at work in 2005, travelled together, broke up, made up, and then, realising we were meant to be on this nuts journey together, we married in 2017. Perfect.

And now? We’re living in Silicon Valley.

This is my blog. My permanent, digital home. You’ll know it’s mine because it’s decorated with musings over travel and relocation, family, parenting, and—thanks to 2020—living through the pandemic.

For those considering a move to the States, I’m hoping you’ll find some comfort in my pondering. I’ll offer you a platter of comparisons: things to read, things to mull over, perhaps even things to inspire you or your family’s next international adventure.

My clan is wonderful, and you’ll be learning lots about them! Here are some starting facts:

  • Cam and I have three daughters: Clara, Coco, and Cece
  • That’s three girls in less than three years!
  • And yes – our names all begin with the letter ‘C’ – it’s intentional (call us crazy, but we think it’s cute. You may think it’s kinda Kardashian though!)

If you read something of mine and you want to chat about it, you should definitely get in touch.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

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